Man seeks advice as he narrates his experience with cheating girlfriend

man has sought the opinion of netizens as he narrates his disheartening experience with a cheating girlfriend.

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Sharing his bitter story, he disclosed that his girlfriend is fond of flirting and bonding with any guy that comes her way, she gets intimate with them at any slightest oppportunity.

What has gotten the young man confused is the fact that anytime she is caught, she would beg for forgiveness and reiterate how much she loves him.

Not knowing what to do, he has decided to get the opinion of the masses.

He wrote:

“I have been dating this lady for the past 2 years, I have never cheated on her, I provide for her I assist her in everything she is doing, I give her enough attention and I make sure she doesn’t[ lack anything, but she keeps flirting with any guy that sees…”

Read the full story below…

Man cheating girlfriend adviceMan cheating girlfriend advice



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