“My husband’s side chick came to my office to warn me to stay away from her man” – Woman cries out

A married woman has taken to social media to cry for help after her husband’s side chick threatened her to stay away from her man ( her own husband).

The mother of three alleged that the side chick came to her office to warn her to stay away from her own husband and father of her kids.

According to her, the lady claimed that her husband married her out of pity and was tired of the marriage.

In an anonymous letter that was shared online, she wrote,

“I have never been humiliated in my entire life like this. My husband’s side chick came to my office today and warned me to stay away from her man. The visit took me unaware and I was just shocked. Felt like ground opening and swallowing me.”

“She said my husband told her that he married me out of pity. That my mum and I begged him to marry me. That he’s tired of the relationship and he has given me divorce papers but I refused to sign. That the last time he made love to me was 8 months ago. (We made passionate love last night and even early this morning he was begging me for more but I told him to hold on when I return from work. I was already late) That d reason he hasn’t taken drastic measures is that our children.”

She said she can’t wait to answer his Mrs. that I should leave his life. He doesn’t love me. She was ready to fight me. It was my secretary that called security and they threw her out. I was just lost in thoughts that I didn’t even see the gravity of the damage she did until my colleague who took the video of what happened played it for me.”

“I begged them not to release the video. I forwarded the video to my husband. I came back from work and I have been crying waiting for my husband to come back, look me in the eyes and tell me that what that girl said is true. That he told her all this. Up until till now, my husband has not come back. His phones switched off. I think he’s running away. I’m running mad here.

The fact that he’s not here to discuss it is adding to the pain.. I have three children. I’m the breadwinner. Even the house we are staying in was built by me. I respect him. Through my connection, he got his work and they are paying him handsomely. This is how he wants to pay me back. I’m heartbroken. How will I face my workers tomorrow? I’m hurting. I can’t let this slide. I need to deal with both. The small brat and my husband. How dare she challenge me. I just need a shoulder to lean on. Please how do I deal with them? Imagine if this video leak online”.

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