“Wicked friends tell you it is grace when you ask them to show you how they are prospering” – Reno Omokri

Renowned writer, Reno Omokrihas taken to social media to highlight the striking difference between wicked friends and good friends.


Illuminating on this issue of great concern, Reno Omokri noted that only wicked friends would try to hide under the cover of grace when asked how they became successful, while a good friend would openly disclose how he attained the great height he is enjoying.

He further advised people never to be afraid of helping others as these persons may turn out to be their saviour someday.

He wrote:

“Wicked friends tell you ‘it is grace’ when you ask them to show you how they are prospering. Good friends tell you ‘it is like this’ when you ask them the same question. Don’t be afraid to light other people’s candies. You may need them when your’s goes out!”  

See the tweet below:



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