Young lady finds out her male colleague at work is her missing dad of 24 years

A lady who has been searching for her dad for years finally found him under the most unexpected circumstances.

The 24-year-old lady simply known as Amy was amazed when she found out that her colleague at an organization happens to be her missing biological dad, Apost reports.

Amy’s dad, Will Russell had her as a young struggling father, and he reportedly gave her up for adoption as a toddler while battling addiction to alcohol.

Many years later, he dealt with the addiction and joined an organization identified as Phoenix Rescue Mission located in the United States while he prayed and longed to reunite with his daughter.

Amy had worked in the same organization with Will but didn’t know he was her dad, however, she made a discovery after launched a search for him in 2013 and was able to get the contact of her sibling.

The sibling gave Amy her father’s contact and the two met for the first time in 24 years over breakfast, Savage Nation Liberty reports.

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