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‘Only A Dirty Man Wears One Boxer Shorts The Whole Day’- Lady Blurts Out

A lady has caused a furore on social media after admonishing men to change boxers at least twice a day while insisting that it’s only a dirty man who wears one boxer shorts throughout the whole day.

According to the Nigerian lady who goes by the name Ibekwe Chioma Ubine, men also have the tendency to transmit viral infections to women directly or indirectly which is why good hygiene should be of utmost importance to males.

She posted; “Only a di-rty man repeats one boxer 3 times in a day. Men should also treat infection…..most diseases that we wom-en are suffering today is a result of infection oozing out of the body of some men.

Women, you people should be careful with the kind of things you allow inside you. Oh jisss😰…..Come to think of it…These people will always accuse women for every of their mistakes..”

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