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Man Marries A 2nd Wife With The Money Donated To Him To Cater For His 7 Children

A married man has allegedly married a second wife with the funds donated to him by an NGO to be used to start a business in order to cater for his children.

According to a Twitter user identified as Harachi and uses the handle @Purpleandflawed, the NGO donated 100 thousand last month to start a business and feed his 7 children well only for them to visit him and found out that he used the money to marry another wife.

This narration has sparked an uproar on social media and many alluded to the fact that some people don’t want to come out of poverty.

See her tweet below;

Read some comments below;

@jamesoluwa wrote;

Humans are the cause of their problem, na why I no dey pity people wey dey suffer

@natural_kemi wrote;

Most Women are the problem. If there’s is no supply there will be no demand. If there’s no side chic infidelity in marriage will vanish. But when you tell them the truth, they will say, it’s her choice, mind your business, getat etc . Wooo

@nellobrownn wrote;

Do ever tell people what to do with their life,Always ask them what they want to do with their life before rendering assistant to them.

@elsiegodson wrote;

It’s the kids I pity as such a man will leave them to fend for themselves. Set awon “ I don born am finish, anything e wan be make e be”😢 some of this kids turn out to be menace in the society while some who give themselves brain turn out to be better than their father

@kingfayvoor_fifi wrote;

This is why I don’t pity people who have more than 3 children….. cos why will you be giving birth to dozens of children when you cant fend for one completely


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