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Chioma Shares The Things She’s No Longer Taking For Granted In Life

Davido’s baby mama Chiomahas shared the things she is no longer taking for granted in life and they are the little things we take for granted in life.

Chioma agreeing with Diane Russet on this shared the post on her InstaStory to show that she’s also no longer taking these little things for granted anymore because they usually escape us especially those who take little things for granted.

According to Chioma, the little things such as sleeping next to someone who cares about her, friends who just want to take her out and watch her enjoy herself, her mother’s repeated phone calls are some of the little things she would no longer take for granted.

Adding that she’s no longer going to take for granted the cheerleaders who celebrate her small wins like she just ended world hunger as these little things really come from the heart but we take them for granted.

Most of the things mentioned in the post Chioma shared are something most of us overlook and never appreciate hence take it for granted but now Chioma has made us realize that we don’t need to take them for granted anymore.

There are some other petty things that we need not take for granted in life but aren’t mentioned in the post of Chioma and it’s up to us to identify them and no longer take them for granted in life because they are priceless.

screenshot below;

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