“Why Do Some Guys Still Cheat When We Give Them All The Styles They Want?”, Lady Cries Out



Some relationships these days are filled with some ups and downs. There have been several ladies who have come out to complain about some of the things they experience in their relationships. Some of them claim to do everything possible to make the relationship work, but their partner still cheats on them. A lady has cried out concerning what she has been passing through in the course of dating.

The video was posted on Instablog9ja, and it has since gathered lots of comments and reactions. In the video, the lady could be heard saying, “What do guys want? We cook for them, wash their clothes, give them all the styles in the world, and yet they still cheat“. Click Here to watch the video.


From the video, it is obvious that the lady has just gotten her heartbroken and she is really hurt. After the video was posted, a lot of people reacted and gave their opinions on the issue. However, some of those who commented stated that a guy who really loves a lady would not take her for granted, but give her the love and respect she deserves.



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