Details: Sikiru Adekoya, Friend Arrested With Hushpuppi Back In Nigeria, Battles Hard Time

Sikiru Adekoya, the friend who was arrested along with Hushpuppi the infamous spender, is back in Nigeria.

who goes by the street name Pac was arrested along with Hushpuppi – real name Abbas Olohunwa Ramoni – in Dubai last year.

He was a guest of Hushpuppi who promised to help him get a better life when he got arrested in June 2020 as part of an extensive investigation into an alleged scam running over N106Billion against his host and others at large.

who faces a lengthy time in prison if convicted for the multiple charges of money laundering and fraud staring in the face in Los Angeles was living at the very expensive penthouse apartment at the Palazzo Versace Dubai when he was arrested along with Adekoya.
While the 38year old infamous spender with a very large following in Instagram – over 2million – was taken to the United States of America for trial, Adekoya and ten others were kept in Dubai.
Emerging details revealed that Adekoya and co were shuffled through different prisons in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) without any arraignment.

Details gleaned by societynow.ng from a report on Bloomberg.com revealed that after months of alleged abuses within the UAE Prison system the friend of Hushpuppi who claimed he traveled to get legitimate employment was handed over to immigration and told to fund his travel back to Nigeria.

Adekoya was released without getting back seized pieces of properties at the time of arrest, including cash and clothes– and no official clearance.

Added details have it that back home he is living a secluded life.

And has no money to his name because his bank accounts have been blocked.

Arrested and branded a criminal but never charged and released with no formal clearance he has found it hard to fight to get his bank accounts “unblocked.”

Adekoya has been living on the goodwill of friends since he arrived.

He told Bloomberg.com in the report monitored by societynow.ng “I hardly eat now, hardly go out,…At times I don’t have money to fill my car.”

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