Woman who once hawked on the street searches for man that helped her relocate to Germany in 2006

A woman who has been living in Germany for more than a decade has begun searching for the good stranger who made it possible for her to relocate overseas.

In 2006, Leah Mugure Mburu was on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya hawking socks when she bumped into a client who changed her life forever.

The young man, who she could only identify as Brian held a conversation with her and she opened up about her struggles.

Although they were complete strangers, Brian informed the Leah that he knew of an exchange program that would help her move to Germany.

According to the woman, her helper had returned back to Kenya from India where he studied Law and was working on paperwork to set up his law practice.

She told Tuko’s Hillary Lisimba: “He was bald and dark, a Luo, and must have been in his early thirties,” journalist Rono Chonginio, whom Leah contacted with the story.”

True to his word, Brian helped Leah start German classes, which he paid for, then helped her with the immigration process.

And that was how she moved from a hawker in Kenya to a German resident.

The problem, however, was that at the time social media was nonexistent and mobile phones were hard to come by, which saw the two lose contact soon as she relocated.

It has been fifteen years now and Leah is married with children, but memories of that kind stranger she met on Tom Mboya Street still linger over her life.

Leah, who runs a successful catering company, is looking for Brian so that she can invite him to Germany to show him the extent to which his deeds changed her life.

“I want Brian and the world to witness the marvellous work God has done in my life,” she said.

She was also quick to add that the one interesting thing about her would-be destiny connector is that he never showed interest in pursuing her past the assistance he was offering, contrary to what many would have expected.

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