OAP Toke Makinwa has angrily reacted to a video of Kodak Black flushing money down the WC saying it’s so disgusting for him to do that.

Kodak Black hours after splashing money in the ocean shared another video of himself flushing money down the toilet and it’s really disgusting to watch and Toke Makinwa alongside others have rebuked him for that.

According to Toke Makinwa, it’s barely a year now after covid-19 and a lot of people have lost their jobs making living hell for them because they can’t afford to support themselves and their family hence why not do a giveaway if he feels he doesn’t need the money.

Splashing money in the ocean and flushing it down the toilet is just a way for Kodak Black to show that he’s living well but then it also shows he’s heartless because he could have done a giveaway just like Toke Makinwa said.

In are in trying times where individuals need to support each other in any way hence nothing stops Kodak Black from giving that money to someone in need but rather decided to do a disgusting thing with it when some people are suffering and Toke Makinwa seems pained a lot.

Some might say it’s not Toke Makinwa’s money therefore she has no right to tell him what to do with it but doing such a disgusting thing with money when people around need it is definitely not the right way to spend your own money.

screenshot below;