There are so many things that one gets addicted to but then Yvonne Nelson has shared the best thing that one must be addicted to in life and it will definitely help.

Yvonne Nelson in her own wisdom decided to share with fans the one thing they need to be addicted to in life and if we take her advice, it will go a long way to help us as individuals and a country as a whole.

According to Yvonne Nelson, one must be addicted to bettering him/herself in every way to make life better for the individual and not turn you into a burden for someone or the society at large if only her advice is taken.

Yvonne Nelson’s post can be passed on as a Monday motivation making everyone keep in mind that you have to be addicted to bettering yourself in life and nothing less than that and that will help your life in some positive ways.

Being addicted to bettering yourself is all about making sure to improve yourself and make sure your today and tomorrow get better than your yesterday and that is what Yvonne Nelson is trying to make us understand with her post.

Yvonne Nelson saying one must be addicted to bettering him/herself also doesn’t mean that you are supposed to do bad things to better yourself or try to prove others wrong but rather prove to yourself that you can make it.

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