Reno Omokri turns down lady who asked him for financial assistance because she didn’t address him with respect

Ex-presidential aide, Reno Omokri has turned down a young Nigerian lady who asked him for financial assistance .

The lady who claims she’s an hairstylist took to the lawyer’s comment section to ask that he helps support her business with N50,000.

“Reno, pls hlp me with N50k if you can, to support my business, i’m a hairstylist, thanks, it will go a long way,” she wrote.

However, Reno shared a screenshot of her comment and revealed he turned her down because of the way she “disrespectfully” approached him.

According to him, it was wrong of her to have addressed him by his name, noting that the Yoruba’s are always respectful in their approach whenever trying to request for something.

Speaking further Reno averred that good manners can open any door and help an individual find favour with God and with man.

In his words,

“Let me give you something that is worth more than ₦50,000. Good manners will open more doors for you than good looks or good books.

“Look at the way you just flippantly called my name. Even if I was disposed to give you the money, your approach will make me indisposed. No matter what you say about Yorubas as a people, they will hardly ever behave like this. Diplomacy gives them an edge over others in life.

“Whether God or man, if you know how to approach people, you will unlock favour. By the time Yoruba use ‘daddy’, ‘Mr’, ‘egbon’ and ‘sir’ to approach you, you will not even know when you will give them ₦1,000,000.

It is not ‘jazz’. As a people, they understand the concept of honour and its power to unleash favour! Many people were touching Christ in Luke 8:45, but it was only the woman who touched Him honourably that got what she wanted”.

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