Curvy Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has fired back at the executives of TAMPAN including veteran actor, Jide Kosoko who revealed their association’s plan to work against her in the movie industry even after her suspension from the association.

Jide Kosoko and executives of the Theater Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) in a press briefing vowed that the association will frustrate Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing in the movie industry.

Jide Kosoko and other members of TAMPAN said video that the association will work against Nkechi Blessing and Iyabo Ojo and they also warned directors in the association to desist working with suspended actresses following their rift with actors, Yomi Fabiyi and Lege Miami over Baba Ijesha se.xual molestation case.

Part of what he said reads;

“The attention of the Board of Trustees of TAMPAN and Elders of the Motion Picture Industry, especially of the Yoruba sector, have been drawn to the malicious damages being done to our sector by some unruly individuals that lack any iota of discipline and seeming to feel to be above the law.

We particularly observe the continuous derogatory statements made by Iyabo Ojo against the Association and the industry as a whole. Please note that we are not against her stand on the issue of alleged r*pe or sexual assault as the case may be, which the Association and individuals have equally condemned at one time or the other, as we believe only a person without conscience will support r*pe or sexual assault in any form. However, Iyabo Ojo’s reckless accusations, abuses, and embarrassment of our sector are also totally condemned.

Unfortunately, Nkechi Blessing has also joined in the Ignoble tirades against the Association and by extension, the industry and we say enough is enough! If you think you’re above the law [of TAMPAN], we can get you out in our way. You can quote me. Nkechi Blessing has been suspended — because she’s not our member. But we will work against her in this industry.

As TAMPAN BoT members and elders of the industry in the Yoruba genre, we dare say to both Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing and others of their likes, that if you people think whatever visibility you have achieved today is not through the Yoruba sector of the Nigerian motion picture industry, you should, at least realize that the industry gave you the enabling environment for whatever you may have become today.”

Responding to this, Nkechi Blessing Sunday returned the fire they threw at her stating that her God will work against her and her entire generation only if they will tell the world what offense she committed that necessitated her suspension.

According to her, the motive behind her suspension is evil because they suspended someone who is not a member of their association and promised them that they will be disgraced for referring to her as a bastard.

She wrote;

Coming from a Father? Hmmmmmm You will work against me? My God will work against your entire generation yet unborn..Only if you can come out and tell the world what my offense are suspending someone that is not your member? No be Juju be that? This video is trending and has ur voice on it..Let me watch you try🙏 if GOD no disgrace you call me Bastard!