Housemaid arrested for sleeping with her boss’ 10-year-old son

A housemaid has been arrested by the Zimbabwean police after she allegedly had carnal knowledge of her boss’ underage son.

The victim, a 10-year-old boy revealed that the lady identified as Anele Mathe had sexually assaulted him behind his mum’s back.

The incident happened in Bulawayo, where Anele was hired to look after the boy when his mother goes to work, unfortunately she took advantage of her boss’ constant busy schedule to get intimate with him.

The lady from Bradfield, according to court records, broke into her boss son’s room one night, switched off the light in the room where the minor was sleeping, and ordered him to strip.

She reportedly stripped down to her nightgown before entering the bed and coerced the child to have an affair with her without any defense.

Mathe was advised not to interfere with any State witnesses or testimony as part of her bail conditions.

She was told to go to the local police station once a week between the hours of 6am and 6pm, as medics and cops exchanged messages to clarify the situation, while she tried to deny ever being caught in the act.

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