“Nollywood producers are to blame for the high rate of bleaching in the industry” – Actress, Charity Nnaji

Nollywood actress, Charity Nnaji has shared her thoughts about the cause of the increasing rate of “bleaching” in the movie industry.

She took to her Instagram stories to opine that movie producers are to be blamed for the surge in bleaching among Nollywood actresses.

According to her, most producers cast light-skinned girls in their movies which has made dark-skinned girls to bleach their skins inorder to fit in and get jobs.

Nnaji advised movie producers to invest in good filming equipment so that the movie quality will be high and colorful, regardless of the complexion of the actress.

She wrote;

“Too many fair girls in Nollywood..and believe me movie producers are the reason for the high rate of bleaching in this industry .. invest in good camera to shoot your film you refuse now you want girls to bleach their ass out before your movie can come out colorful in Africa Magic and co.. nonsense”

See her post below,

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