Mavin record boss Don Jazzyhas been blamed for paying a bouncer in New York after Rihanna and her boyfriend A$AP were refused entry to a club.

The bouncer in a video sighted online was heard telling Rihanna and A$AP that they don’t know who they are therefore requested for an ID before letting them into the club and some netizens have blamed Don Jazzy for that.

According to some netizens, Don Jazzy had a hand in what happened to Rihanna and A$AP for someone to claim not to know them is something that is beyond imagination as they both are very popular across the globe.

Don Jazzy has expressed how much he loves Rihanna but unfortunately, she got snatched by A$AP, and even after that he hasn’t given up on his fantasies when it comes to Rihanna and always tries to find ways and means to get to her.

Therefore, after the video of Rihanna and A$AP being refused entry to a club in New York hit the net, some netizens blamed Don Jazzy for that because he seems to be the only one who is publicly against their relationship.

Even though Don Jazzy is just cruising with Rihanna, netizens have taken it seriously and have blamed him for paying the bouncer or the bouncer being a fan of him, therefore, claimed they didn’t know who Rihanna and A$AP were just to make him happy.

video below;