Woman who went viral for pushing jerrycans on the street gets help from good Samaritans

A woman who went viral on social media after photos and videos of her pushing handcart containing water jerrycans surfaced, has gotten some assistance from well-meaning individuals.

The Kenyan woman had been praised for taking up a job many thought was reserved for mainly men.

Philanthropist, Wanja Mwaura first shared the story of the woman identified as Everlyn Ndinyuka on Facebook on June 10, 2021.

Wanja called for help locating the woman spotted carrying jerrycans of water in handcart in Dagoretti in Kenya.

The philanthropist was able to track down the woman down, and on June 14, she visited her alongside some well-wishers.

According to her, Ndinyuka lives in a single room with five children. Two of them are her late sister’s kids, and one is her nephew.

During the visit, the well-wishers learned that pulling the handcart has taken a toll on Ndinyuka’s body.

Wanja then appealed to people to donate to help the woman get out of her dire situation.

Sharing photos, she wrote: “Facebook family remember I told u we will look for this lady? We found n visited her yesterday. Her name is Evaline or as they call her in that area, mama denno. She lives in dagorreti wanyee rd. She lives in a single room with her 2 children, 2 other children of her late sister and a nephew.

She pulls this cart carrying 20 gallons (mtungi) full of water to sell so that she can make her ends meet. This is something that has resulted to weaken her body sometimes with severe back pains n leg pains. After talking with her and asking her what she would love to do ease this, she told us she would love to open a cereal shop or a water refilling shop. It not her wish to be pulling this cart but circumstances forced her to do this. She would love to stop this cart pulling given a chance.

I believe we can make her dream come true n put her to rest from this kind of hard labour. Let us make her dream come true of opening that shop for her. Let us make her life easier n better for the sake of those children who are depending on her. Several people who accompanied me, we managed to pay her 3 months rent of 2,500ksh per month n bought her some food stuff as well. Let’s do this guys, let’s open that shop.

I stand with mama Denno


Paybill 891300

Account 47894”

Not long after, an update was given that donations had started flooding in from people far and wide.

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