Killer herdsmen: South-east needs to shun northern cattle and patronise local cows – Pete Edochie

Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie, has urged South-East governors and Senators to be proactive in fighting the herder-farmer crisis in the region.

The veteran movie star, in an interview with BBC Igbo, made a case for patronage of local cows, rather than the ones being reared by Fulani herdsmen as a way of solving the influx of killer herdsmen to the region.

He, therefore, called on the state governments in the region to provide land for people to rear cattle locally rather than having to buy from the North.

Edochie also pleaded with the government to encourage individuals willing to engage in fish farming to be allowed.

He noted that Igbo people must do more regarding tomato and pepper farming.

“I believe that putting in place a rule that anyone who wants to host some kind of ceremony in Ala Igbo must use Igbo cows instead of Fulani herdsmen’s cows would help to resolve the region’s rising crisis,” Pete Edochie said.

He challenged Eastern governors and members of the House of Representatives to strive to do what the people want rather than focusing solely on their interests.

Edochie opined that the South-East governors and those elected to represent Igbo people at the federal level have not done enough when it comes to speaking up for their people who are being oppressed.

According to him, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is the only one speaking for Igbo people in the Senate as he had always been at the forefront of advocating for the interests of his people.

Speaking about the failure of the governors to speak up, Edochie said he doesn’t know whether the South-East governors are scared to talk. However, he added that they have not shown signs that something is wrong.

To explain further, he said: “When a kite dives and carries a chick, the chick is not crying for the kite to drop it but for people around to know that the kite has it.

“The South-East governors have not cried out for people to know they are in distress.”

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