Twitter folks who seem to have enough time on their hands have turned the microblogging platform upside down this minute as they discuss Omar Sterling’s new album and why Obidi is conspicuously missing on the potential masterpiece.

Apparently, fans of other rappers have been trolling Sarkodie for being given a cold shoulder by Sterling, who also goes by the name Paedae because his distinctive indigenous rap style is not in sync with his own context.

Instead, Sarkodie’s biggest rival, M.anifest made the cut on the album and this has vastly reinforced the trivial argument being brandished about recklessly online.

There is a cacophony of varied opinions being expressed from all directions as music lovers seize the moment to settle personal scores.

In the meantime, Sterling’s 10-track album has been unveiled and you can check out those who made it on the distinguished album (Same Earth Different Worlds) below;

See some of the feud-inducing post shared so far;