The Enchanting Beauty Of Hamamat Montia – The World Most Beautiful Woman Of Color

Looking at the photos of the colored girl with a bright smile, viewers can’t help but feel like they are looking at the paintings. The Ghanaian woman Hamamat shares with the world amazing photos about the life of her and two daughters in their hometown.

Hamamat’s full name is Hamamat Montia. The beauty born in 1988 was crowned Miss Malaika in 2006 when she was only 18 years old. However, the beautiful African-American woman who stuns the world with her gorgeous smile has an unhappy marriage. She got divorced from her ex-husband after 3 years of marriage and is living with her two young daughters in Ghana.

Hamamat Montia has a mesmerizing beauty that casts a spell on everyone
Hamamat is very proud of his African roots and skin color. She never shies away from sharing everything about the culture of the country in which she lives.

Hamamat’s Instagram channel currently has more than 1 million followers. At the same time, former Miss Malaika also has a Youtube channel with 34,000 subscribers. She also has her own website.
Hamamat regularly shares photos of her life and her two young daughters in Ghana. Hamamat’s angle, color, and smile always give her photos a magical beauty. Hamamat’s skin color becomes beautiful and attractive in her photos.

Please admire the picturesque beauty of Hamamat through some of her photos below.
She crowned Miss Malaika at the age of 18
Her daughter also inherited the stunning beauty of the woman
She loves to share their daily moments as well as photos about life in Ghana
At the age of 32, the mother of two still retains her stunning looks. Her daughters are also inherited with gorgeous beauty. She is an example of how we can find beauty in everyone regardless of their skin color

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