I blocked a man I like just to ‘test’ him, but he blocked me in retaliation – Pretty lady laments

A South African lady has narrated how she tried putting a man she liked to a test despite the fact that they were already on good terms.

According to the lady identified as Princess Lopie, she and the man were already in the talking stage of their relationship, but she felt the need to put the urge to block him on social media to see how he’ll react.

Well, she blocked him on Twitter and WhatsApp and went to bed, but on waking up in the morning, she saw that he had also blocked her in return.

Taking to Twitter, @PrincessLopie wrote; ”So I’ve been on a talking stage with this gent …. Last night I decided to block him on WhatsApp and Twitter to see how he’ll react .. I woke up this morning and he blocked me too”

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