A man has taken social media by storm after he shared his sad story of how he caught his girlfriend in bed with her own biological brother.

Revealing what he describes as the worst thing thing he has ever seen in his life, the man only identified on micro blogging site Twitter as Nielo stated he had to even break with the girlfriend after that incident.

He said in the tweet that, he once caught the girlfriend with her biological brother in the act of having sex in the girl’s own apartment and this led to the break up in their relationship.

Check out the tweet below;

I broke up with an ex cos she was having sexual affairs with her brother. I once caught them having sex at her apartment. The worst thing I ever saw

Check out the reaction from some social media users as some also shares they experience which is related to the story;

Lekan@DeonofIBG·Jun 19Replying to @vibes__N Mine was with her cousin What made it even more weird for me was It was strictly anal She said it like that was meant to make it sound better It didn’t

Shamsudeen Adeniyi Ibrahim@Shezzyoung_·Jun 19Replying to @vibes__NHonestly I’ve seen a worst scenario but then I’m too fucked to let it out

namecannotbeblank@OlaminiyiB·Jun 19Replying to @vibes__N A lot of people on this app have had sex or are having sex with their cousins…not to justify anything but I’m just saying

Ayo, the First @aystickz·Jun 19Replying to @vibes__N What if she just lied to you he was her brother and you were just the side bf?