Wonders in Benue as ‘mentally derailed’ man offers medical services to residents

A mentally derailed man identified as Mr Denen has kept many in shock in the city of Makurdi, the Benue State capital as residents continue to troop to him at the JS Tarka Foundation where he offers medical services to a large number of people with different health challenges.

A Benue State broadcast platform, Citizen TV visited the venue on Wednesday, and reported the mentally unstable man would upon seeing a patient, write a number of Tiv traditional ailment affecting the person and directing them to different traditional doctors who are expected to treat the patient.

According to a source the man had Masters Degree from the University of Jos before his unfortunate predicament.

The source said a large number of patients usually gather at the JS Tarka Foundation in High-Level Makurdi to consult the man over their health issues.

According to a lady who gave her name as Sandra, she heard about the man and had to come because she had acute pains in her chest and it seemed to have defiled all medical conditions.

Sandra said she had conducted the ‘mad doctor’ and already given a piece of paper containing what was wrong with her and she was going to see a traditional healer.

Another patient Mr Aondohemen who spoke with the Television crew said for him, it was luck.

“He has shown me where to go and I am going there. I heard about him and have to come all the way from my village to try and see how it will go”.

Also a worker of the man who preferred anonymity said, he had part of his head swollen up and had sought medical attention from all the hospitals without any help.

According to him, Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom had given him money for treatment on several occasions but it didn’t heal until the day he met the mentally challenged man. He simply asked him to apply a certain herb and he was healed.

“Since then, I always come here every evening after my work to help him on guiding people,” he added.

A 30-year-old woman who works to support the mad man in attending to people recounted how people had thanked the man for helping them.

“They always come here. After being healed, they come to give him cash donations. Government officials, public servants, policemen and many other people,” She said.

Following the trend, a Facebook user took to his page on Friday to express shock over the activities of the healer-man.

According to him, “I’m a bit confused. I was told of a ‘mad’ native doctor who sits at the entrance of IBB Square Makurdi and prescribes native medicine for sick people within Makurdi town.

“I learnt of this man through one of my friends who asked me to accompany him and his sick brother to consult the man for a medical solution. I was surprised when I saw a lot of people hovering around a supposed “mad” man for medical help.

“A young woman within the age of 29 to 30 years appeared and presented herself to be working for the supposed “mad” man.

“Soon as we were about leaving, some group of persons came with gifts and money to give thanks to the man for healing their sick son.

‘I also met one of my old girlfriends standing close to the man and she also testified during our conversation that she had also received useful medical advice from the man.

“What the man does is that he will listen to you and consult his oracle and then directs you on where to get native medical attention or help.

“My friend who brought in a stroke patient walked towards the man to make inquiries and to my greatest surprise, he politely asked him to queue up that he will not attend to anyone no matter how highly placed except he queues up behind the other patients who were already waiting in line.

“The man was full of confidence and guts. He was seen sitting with beautiful girls between the ages of 22 to 24 and above.

“Stories making the rounds also have it that the man has his first and master’s degrees at the prestigious University of Jos. I’m still surprised and shocked to my bones.”

However, another beneficiary  said God was working through the man to heal people of their various diseases.

Let me correct the impression of “Mr Denen,” herein referred to as “a mad man”.

“For Christians, God can appear to you in any form and you may not know. Generally, looking at this graduate of the Prestigious UniJos, you may easily conclude he’s a mentally unstable, but conversely, a mad man is easily identified by his behaviours & utterances, whereas, the case of this old man is different.

“Personally, I met him there since April 2020 but had several interactive forums with him just early this year. Let me correct a mis-presentation here, this old man herein referred to as “a madman” doesn’t collect money from clients. He collects gifts especially, food and snacks.

“Yes, beautiful girls may cluster around him in an ambiguous presentation herein as presented, their liberation is sure thereafter.

“In all, I wish to uphold the fact mentioned by people that he is curing them through the “instrumentality of God the creator” as he normally tells people. It wasn’t a poor or nasty outing with him anyways”, he stated.

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