Moment Ebuka asked Dorathy if she’s happy seeing Prince

During the introductory night, Ebuka, the host of the show asked Dorathy, a very interesting question.

Ebuka asked Dorathy if she is happy seeing Prince. The moment Dorathy heard the question, she couldn’t help by smile. Other housemates reacted with a sound.

Dorathy responded and said she is happy seeing Prince. This was after blushing and smiling.

I capture the moment. See photos from the moment below.



This actually got fans talking online. Some were of the Ebuka has started with his tricky questions. Some were also of the opinion Dorathy has special feelings for Prince.

The third set of people were of the opinion the other housemate knows something.

Some were of the opinion Prince was feeling himself during this moment. Some were also of the opinion they should come out clean with their feelings.


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