Heart Touching Moment When A Deaf Baby Hears Her Mother For The First Time

Being born in the joy and happiness of the whole family, Charli Archer, however, was said to lose her hearing ability. The news struck a chord with her parents and is also a huge disadvantage to a baby.

However, her family didn’t want to give up on helping her to be able to hear. They asked for a doctor’s advice and decided to get a hearing aid. Fortunately, the device worked on the little baby and when Charli was 3-month-old, she was able to hear her parents for the first time thanks to the aid.

It was a heart-melting moment for not only her parents but the little baby herself. After the doctor put the aid on her ears, Charlie’s mother told her: “I love you, I love you so much.” It took the baby a few seconds to define the sound and she also became so emotional as her mother kept calling her name and saying how much she loved her.

Meanwhile, although her mother is not captured by the camera, we all know that she was trying to hold back her tears as her voice became shaky and soft.

Obviously, it’s a huge disadvantage for any babies who are born deaf as they are unable to hear the voice of their parents and to learn about the world they live in. Fortunately, little Charlie was only diagnosed with mild hearing loss, and with the support of hearing aids, the girl can grow up having a normal life.
At the moment, Charli is already 4 years old and her language competence is equal to other kids of the same age. She also likes dancing and singing very much. She is living a wonderful life with her parents and two younger brothers.


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