Why I Sacked My Electrician for Calling Me Baby – Jemima Osunde Explains

Nigerian actress Jemima Osunde is having a bit of a Twitter showdown after revealing to her followers that she fired an electrician she called to do work in her house because he called her ‘baby’.

Reacting to the tweet, fans and followers of the actress confronted her asking why she would do that and now Jemima is firing back, clearing up why exactly she fired him for the statement and giving the full story.

It’s an interesting story and at the end I’d love to hear your take on if you think what she did was right or wrong. For now, here is the story.

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It all started when Jemima tweeted out saying:

Lmao! Electrician finished working. I gave my number & said to send me a message so I can save his own in case I need him to come do some work for me later. “This is my number baby” is what I got. What could be the cause my dear Lord?

She continued saying:

Anyway, he can never come into my house again. That’s the end.

Because I cannot finish treating my patient and say “see you at your next appointment baby” unless I’m in pediatrics or trying to lose my damn license.

To show proof of the interaction, Jemima also went ahead to actually share a screenshot of the message posting the Electrician named Noah sent her on Whatsapp to her Twitter.

After sending the tweet out, another Twitter user named Rowis tweeted at Jemima asking why exactly she found what he said wrong. Rowis said:

I’d really appreciate if you can break down why the behavior didnt not appeal to you and why it’s wrong..

to which Jemima replied:

1. I am not his baby.

2. It is not appropriate.

3. Is that the work I contracted him to come and do?


The discourse didn’t end there as there were still a bunch of people who didn’t understand why Jemima found a problem with this. Another user named Olumide said:

Calm down if he were to be a doctor or bank manager there wouldn’t be any fuss, u might be hangry but it wont come to social media,

To which Jemima said:

Sooo let’s say I should finish having my teeth checked for example and my dentist calls me his baby…that’s okay to you? You might not be poor but your thinking definitely is.

Another person in Jemima’s defense said:

It’s not bout him being an electrician or whatever, it’s bout his unprofessional conduct. You don’t go around calling every and anyone “baby”, especially not a client! Y’all should calm down and be logical nauuu

to which Jemima responded:

It’s shocking! Really! People think on different wavelengths and it’s surprising to See how daft some people are

Finally somebody responded saying:

Rest abeg. Electrician na outcast? at least him get handwork self.

to which Jemima responded:

Is it not the handwork he came here to do that he should have focused on? Some of you don’t think logically. You’re focusing on the fact that he’s an electrician to suit your ridiculous narrative.

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