Why I No Longer Call Funke Akindele a Friend – Eniola Badmus

Since the early 2000s when movies such as Omo Ghetto came out, Funke ‘Jenifa’ Akindele and Eniola Badmus have made the rounds of the blogs, forums, and shows as two of the closest friends in the Nigerian movie industry. Their comedic personas, matching personalities, and camaraderie on and off screen has made them two people that Nigerians always like to see together.

Nollywood just like the movie industry in any country is often littered with a lot of stories about scandals, betrayals, back biting, and all such. But for these two, this story has never been the narrative.

This is why it was so surprising when Nigerian actress Eniola Badmus made an appearance on TVC’s Your View and said a statement that made even the women on Your View shudder. This is what Eniola said.

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The revelation happened during Eniola Badmus’ Friday June 11th appearance on the TVC show Your View.

When asked what projects she was working on, Eniola said:

Currently, I just joined My Siblings and I – the new episodes. If you’ve been watching from Monday, they’ve been showing my part so I love it. My Siblings and I is what I’ve always loved to be on. It took me almost a year to convince La Funke to put me on that set. It took me almost a year because Funke was like “Eniola no no no no. This one is not friendship, this one is work and it’s everyday everyday and it’s not the one that we can be doing – no, Eniola. Are you sure? You will sign, you have to…” I said don’t worry Funke, I will do it. Because Funke knows I’m a busy person too. Trust me, I like it.

One of the interviewers then proceeded to ask Eniola, “How is your friendship with her? I know you guys are pretty close” to which Eniola responded:

Funke, we’re no more friends again I must say.

The Your View correspondents all in unison shouted the questions we all immediately started thinking – “Ah! What did she do?” to which Eniola responded:

No no no I don’t mean it that way. What I mean is that we are beyond friends. Funke is my ishorunmi, do you know what they call ishorunmi? When they say ishorunmi, it means the muscle that connects my neck and my head. So she’s more than a friend. Funke is, I see a lot of roles in her – she has this mother role, a sister role. Funke is everything. She’s a sweetheart. She’s one of the people I can call 1am, 3am, and she’ll pick my call and say ‘Eniola kilonshele? What is it? You want me to come–”, you need to see Funke when I’m down.

The clarification of her answer sent relief to us all because truly, her and Funke’s friendship is one Nollywood friendship that we all love to see and magic that translates whenever they’re in stuff together. Eniola please don’t scare us like that next time! 😂

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