After months of silence, Ngozi Nwosu finally speaks about how she almost died in 2019

With fame comes a lot of attention – warranted and unwarranted. One woman who has known fame for a very long time is veteran actress Ngozi Nwosu who has been acting since the 90s and is still going strong today.

In 2019, while shooting Skinny Girl in Transit, making viral ads for telecommunication companies and being on top of her game, Ngozi Nwosu was privately struggling through one of the most horrific years of her personal life.

In an interview with Chude, Ngozi Nwosu finally opens up about the hard year 2019 was for her life and how she almost died one fateful March.

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Speaking to Chude, Ngozi Nwosu opened up about her brush with death saying:

On that fateful day, I went to work, I was okay and I was in my room. I got up to get water from the fridge, and that was it. I fell and blanked out. When I regained consciousness, I thought it was just a minor thing until I tried to get up and walk. I kept telling myself ‘Ngozi get up and walk’ but I couldn’t. There I was looking at my phone, yet I couldn’t call for help. The gen was on, nobody heard me. I was like ‘is the end of the road? But what really happened? I just fell.’ I said, okay let me just move – I couldn’t move the leg. One I was able to move, the other one was just there. I cried, I said ‘how will I do it? Who will I call?’

Then, I went back to God. I said, ‘God if truly I serve you, this would not be the end of the road. I said just give me the grace to get up, I need to open the door for help’. I was lying there looking at myself helpless. Nobody to help me. After a while, the strength came from nowhere and I was able to use my bum bum to crawl. I crawled to the door. Now it’s to stand up to to open the door and shout, I couldn’t – I was looking at myself. I was like ‘God, this can’t be the end of the road, no. Help me.’ So I saw the earpiece of my phone lying so I crawled to that place and picked it. I read somewhere that if you have an accident, you should tie something around that place giving you problem and it should give you strength. That’s how I tied the leg with my earpiece and I was screaming. The leg was still lifeless. I used the other side and I stretched and I was able to open the door. As I opened the door, I screamed, help came and I passed out again.

That begun the journey of me and my leg for one year. One whole year. But even at that, I didn’t let it debar me from what I wanted to achieve. It really hurt. I became someone they carried to poo, to bathe, I was like ‘No, this is not me!’. Life is all about struggling, don’t give up! With that pain after the surgery I was able to stand and started learning how to walk again. And I here I am today.

At one point during all this, Ngozi was on a wheelchair and during the interview also showed the scar from where the surgery on her leg took place.

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