Reactions As Sunday Igboho Speaks In English To Send Appreciation To Yoruba Nation Supporters

Amidst several protests held in many parts of Nigeria yesterday, the Yoruba nation agitators also trooped into the streets to make known their demands.
After the protests, Chief Sunday Igboho sent an appreciation message to all Yorubas both in Nigeria and abroad.


In the video posted by his spokesman on Facebook, Sunday Igboho thanked all the Yoruba nation supporters for making themselves available for the rallies yesterday. Sunday Igboho sent this message both in Yoruba and English languages.

This has however got people talking people on Facebook. While many people praised him for silencing his critics with this act, some opined that Sunday Igboho ought not to have spoken in English language. See people’s reactions below.

– This man speaks good English.

 But they said he doesn’t hear English. Is this English not audible?






– Stop speaking English, this is Yoruba nation.

– English is not our language.

– Speak Yoruba language.




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