“Shock” T. B Joshua You’re Dead And You Will Suffer Wherever You Are ” Man Rain Curses | Watch Video

An unidentified man who has shown his face in public has cursed T. B Joshua, the late man of God. When he was alive, T. B Joshua, according to the guy, sold cooking oil and common water for a high price to others. He claims to have witnessed the late prophet’s deceptions firsthand.

He began his story by saying, “T. B Joshua, you’re dead.” After murdering our people and destroying the lives of thousands of sick young people with the “healing water” and “oil” you sold to them,
“Why has the Pope, who has more than 500 million people under him for a day, never prophesied to anyone or sold any water or oil to any sick person, but the same people who brought Christianity to the globe and whom you represent in Nigeria are busy building hospitals even for their animals?” T. B. Joshua, you will suffer wherever you are today.” He went on to add that the man of God had wrecked a lot of souls, something he had personally witnessed.
“I know people who came to you with liver cancer and kidney failure, and you sold them water,” says one friend. They frequent your hotel, which you built to deceive our citizens.”

The young man asked African to wake up so that he would not be slaughtered by so-called “men of God.”

T. B Joshua asked people to help disabled persons they knew in their neighborhood, which he prayed for and was able to walk again. He continued by saying that whomever triumphs will be given a million Naira and a plot of land.

Many popular men of God, the young man concluded, are working for themselves rather than for God, and people should be wary of them.

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