Buhari pushes rotation deal to APC, Oyegun insists on zoning

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on  Thursday, said the All Progressives Congress, not an individual in the party, would decide power rotation in 2023.


Buhari, who said this during an interview on Arise Television,  also accused state governors of stifling local governments in the country.

Although he did not mention governors specifically, he said aside from being short-changed in terms of allocation, many of the local government chairmen had been compromised.

Amidst calls for the zoning of the Presidency to the South,  Buhari, during the interview, said it would be left for the party to decide.

He said he had no plan to succeed himself. He added that nobody would sit down in Lagos and be directing party members on what to do.

He stated, “What this administration can do is to ensure the APC lasts beyond this administration. The APC  will know the number of  members in the local governments and the states so that by the time this administration goes, they (members) would be firmly on the ground and can continue. That is the best thing for the country politically and for the party.

“We should allow the party to decide. We started from the bottom up and I gave the acting chairman until the end of the month.  He asked for an extension. They are going to give me a report on the convention we are going to conduct.

“We would start this from bottom up so that the members of the party would feel they are involved in the decision-making of the party, nobody is just sitting here in Lagos and telling them what to do. This is what we are arranging.

“No succession plan. It depends on the party. We are going to leave this to the party. The party would sit and make its decision. Those who want to be the President should better join the APC.”

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