Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay clash at a popular Lagos salon


There has been a long standing rivalries between Nigerian top female artists, Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage. On Tuesday 8th of June 2021, the two artists met at a popular salon at Lekki, Lagos state and had a serious argument that has left Nigerians talking.

On a video trending the Internet since yesterday, the artists could be seen exchanging words, cursing each other and almost engaging themselves in a physical combat.

The issue started when Seyi Shay walked up to Tiwa Savage at the salon to greet her but Tiwa kept quiet initially and later blurted out to Seyi not to greet her with that her dirty and disgusting mouth. Tiwa went on to tell Seyi that she has not forgotten what she (Seyi) and Victoria Kamani ( Kenyan singer) did to her some years back. But seyi told Tiwa to get her facts right before accusing her of any wrong doing. Tiwa in response told Seyi that she does not want to say anything else to her as she does not want to embarrass her. The arguments went on like this until they were almost fighting themselves at the salon.

When the two artists were asked the reason behind the clash, Tiwa insisted that her colleague opened the matter in public while she swore by the name of her son that she had no bad intentions towards Seyi and Ms Kamani.

Seyi Shay on the other hand said she tried reconciling with Ms Savage by greeting her first at the salon but Tiwa stressed that if one has issues with another, that the issues are not reconciled by mere greetings. Tiwa insisted that if Seyi wanted reconciliation that she should have given her a call so they could talk about the issue.

Tiwa went on to accuse Seyi Shay and Ms Kamani of saying nonsense about her on the interview that Seyi and Kamali had after they released a song together in 2017.

The artists called each other all manners of names and it took the timely interventions of the people present at the salon who held Ms Tiwa to prevent a fight.

The issues between these two could be traced back to 2015, when Seyi Shay was made an ambassador of Pepsi while Tiwa was still an ambassador of the same brand (Pepsi). At that time, Tiwa was asked in a radio interview to share her thought about Seyi Shay joining the brand, but Tiwa replied that Seyi was annoying and crazy. Tiwa’s response did not go down well with Seyi Shay who reacted in a post that it hurts to be talked about in that manner.

Two years after this, Seyi Shay recorded a track against Tiwa. The track was her own version of Kizz Daniel’s ‘ Fuck you challenge’ and she called her colleague several derogatory names. She also accused Tiwa of ” selling pussy” and of stealing her lyrics without credit. This outbursts from Seyi Shay incurred many reactions from Tiwa’s fans.

This past events made it very clear that the two artists has never been in each others good book for years.


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