Rudiger was able to win the UCL for Chelsea because he copied what Ramos did in 2018 UCL final

Chelsea was crowned the European champions after they defeated Manchester City at the Estadio do Dragao stadium on Saturday. prior to their champions league final on Saturday Thomas Tuchel has already defeated Guardiola twice this season.

A final between Chelsea and Manchester City was not expected to be interesting because they are both from the same league but to everyone’s surprise the match turned out to be a very tough contest between these two English teams.

Chelsea and Man City fans experienced a Deja Vu when kevin De Bruyne and Antonio Rudiger collided on the pitch, which saw De Bruyne left the pitch due to the facial injury he sustained.

What happened between Rudiger and De Bruyne is similar to what happened between Sergio Ramos and Mohammed Sallah during 2018 Champions League final in Kyiv.

Although Rudiger have apologized for what he did to De Bruyne saying it was ‘not intentional’ but lots of Manchester City fans were certain that Rudiger’s collision with De Bruyne was intentional, as some of them referenced to what Sergio Ramos did to Sallah during the 2018 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Truth be told, Chelsea might not have won the champions league if De Bruyne had been on the pitch throughout 90 minute.

It is obvious that Debryne is the biggest fear factor that Man City have because he is the only player that is irreplaceable for Guardiola. That’s the reason why Man City supporters were not convinced that Rudiger’s collision with De Bruyne was not intentional, as they were sure that the German defender used the same strategy that Ramos used to take Sallah out of the 2018 champions league final in Kyiv Ukraine.

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