Man narrates how his mum electrocuted five armed robbers that tried to invade their home

A Nigerian man has narrated the interesting and dramatic event that took place in his home which involved his mum electrocuting robbers.

According to him, she electrocuted five armed robbers who reportedly killed their neighbour and tried to break into their home

The man identified on Twitter as @Grantontwits shared a screenshot of a chat where he explained how his mum did carried out the act.

In his words; ”I just remembered how my mum electrocuted 5 armed robbers who killed our neighbor and tried to break into our flat.

I still get flashes of how they screamed that midnight . We woke up to their guns on the floor and the whole neighborhood coming to see my mum.

Gangster Mum

I didn’t add that she was 6 months pregnant with our last born, and my pops was away.”Read below:

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