Plead to Erica for forgiveness, else, karma is here for you” – Laycon receives warning

Popular singer, Laycon gets tipped by a concerned fan to retrace his steps back to Erica to ask for forgiveness as karma is starting to deal with him.

The ex-BBNaija housemate had taken to Twitter to lament the negative he received from Nigerians following the return of his trip from Liberia.

“You know I left Liberia this morning thinking of Nigeria and how much I miss everything here. I landed in Abuja after multiple hours of connecting flights and turbulence, came online to see my people talking down on my name,” he wrote in a tweet.

In reaction, a concerned fan claimed that he used all means necessary to take down Erica during the reality show, and for that, he is starting to get back the same energy from Karma.

In his words;

“Laycon, I don’t applaud the critics but when u tried tarnishing Erica’s reputati¤n in BBN cos u were overly ambitious to win the show which made people talk d¤wn on her name, u f¤rgot karma exists; Go ask her & the people u have wronged for forgiveness. All the best in ur career.”

"Plead to Erica for forgiveness, else, karma is here for you" -  Laycon receives warning

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