Priceless moment young man who eats grass and lives in the forest lands in the city for the first time (Video)

A 21-year-old man who made headlines months ago owing to his penchant for living in the forest and eating grass, finally got to meet humans and see the urban area after an NGO took up his case.

He is said to have been born after five other siblings who reportedly died simultaneously.

Children and his peers alike, usually bullied him by referring to him as a monkey. The unnamed man who is reportedly unable to speak runs away when he sees people and does not like living among members of his community.

All that has now changed going by a heartwarming video shared by blogger Tunde Ednut.

In the clip, city dwellers expressed surprise as they welcomed and interacted with him. He got to sleep in a real bed, eat good meals and was enrolled in a school for the disabled.

Watch the video:



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