Beware of loving any woman other than your wife — Drake advises men

Popular Canadian Rapper, Drake, recently took to his social media page to share some life nuggets to his fellow men.

Drake dropped some words of advice on family, and being wary of loving any woman other than one’s wife.

His full caption read ;

Never show anger at slight. Tell nothing. Earn respect from everyone by deeds, not words. Respect the members of your blood family. Gambling is recreation, not a way to earn a living. Love your father, your mother, your sister, think harder about who you call your brothers and beware of loving any woman other than your wife…🤞🏽


Drake’s son Adonis made a surprise appearance at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, joining his father onstage as he won an artist of the decade prize.

The rapper, 34, gripped his son’s shoulder throughout his speech, before hoisting him into the air and saying: “I want to dedicate this award to you.”


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