Yahoo boys are the reason Nigerian women are unappreciative of their boyfriend who gives them N50k – Lady says

A Nigerian lady has explained the root cause of women’s sense of entitlement and insatiable demands from their boyfriends.

According to her, internet fraudsters commonly known as yahoo boys have set a bad precedent by spending their ill-gotten money lavishly and pampering women with luxurious treats.
The lady identified on Twitter as @t_nemi explained that this act by yahoo boys has spoilt ladies to the extent that they do not appreciate their boyfriend who is working legitimately and giving them as much as N50,000 from his meagre income.
She spoke amid a growing debate online regarding women who say they cannot date the type of men that earn below a certain amount.
She tweeted; ”Na yahoo boys cause this thing. Throwing money around that they didn’t work for. That’s why when your bf gives you 50k for the month you’ll be squeezing face. Meanwhile that’s half his salary for the month at Union bank.”
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