Lagos mechanic uses his customer’s car, ES350 as collateral for his debt of N1.5m

A man on Twitter took to Twitter to narrate that his mechanic used his car in his care for repairs as collateral for his debt.

The customer @emmyzuel who hasn’t seen a situation as crazy as the one he’s found himself in reveals that nothing can surprise him anymore in Lagos.

According to him, “how do you drop an ES350 for a 1.5m debt? How?

He further disclosed that the man who took the car as collateral has completely refused to release the car.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“Nothing can surprise me anymore in this Lagos anymore!!! I gave mechanic my car to fix the A/ C, nigga went to drop my car as a collateral for his debt. Madness!!! How do you drop an ES350 for a 1.5m debt? How? Update: The man who collected the car as collateral completely refuse to release the car. He has chosen violence and was even threatening. Sighs.”

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