After 9years of waiting, 9 IVFs, 3 miscarriages and 1 fibroid operation, businesswoman Tinuade welcomes a child with her husband

A Nigerian Fashion Entrepreneur identified as Adéy Soile has taken to her social media page to rejoice over the birth of her first child after 9 years of waiting.

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According to the new mother, she previously had 3 miscarriages’ and 1 fibroid operation, but God finally came through for her in 2021.
Sharing a beautiful photo with her newborn, she wrote ;
And on 13th of May 2021 The Lord Remembered Tinuade Soile.
Yesterday my Husband and I named our first child after 9 years of hoping and praying…
9 IVFs
3 Miscarriages
1 Fibroid Surgery
Multiple other procedures
5 Months of Bed Rest
My God is Indeed Faithful.

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If He has said it He will do it.
His word says I am a fruitful vine and it has come to pass.
I’d like to introduce to you Asher, Modadeola, Oluwaseun Soile.
He is going to be a force in his generation and beyond, so look out


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