Man dumps wife for refusing to sell one of their triplets

A woman, Olinda Maposa, has narrated how she was dumped by her husband for refusing to sell one of their triplets in South Africa last year.

The 30-year-old woman from Marange, Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe, disclosed that her husband was not pleased after she gave birth to triplets and suggested they sell one of the babies.

According to Maposa, she rejected her husband, Obey Mucheki’s proposal of selling one of their kids because they are all girls, so he gave her five days to vacate their home, threatening to kill her or the babies.

She said; “I gave birth to my three children that are Rukudzo, Rujeko and Runako, but my husband, Obey Mucheki, proposed to sell one girl in protest that all the children are girls.

When I shot down the proposal, he then gave me five days to vacate our home, threatening to kill me or the baby.”

She was left to fend for the triplets as well as their 11-year old child, Ruvimbo, on her own.

The mother however, received an assistance from Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa when she attended the ZANU PF Women’s League inter-district meeting in Marange this Saturday May 15.

She said; “After having faced a lot of challenges since i gave birth to my triplets, I am happy that I got help from Mai Mutsvangwa. I am highly delighted as i was facing difficulties in taking care of the three girls.”

Senator Mutsvangwa pledged to assist with groceries and basic provisions every month.

The Minister said; “Mai Maposa gave birth in South Africa.We are going to assist her. The woman came with her children all the way from South Africa after she was not well-received by her husband for giving birth to triplets.

“As a women’s league we should bring to the fore such need cases. As the local senator, I will give the family food every month. We will look for sponsors, even approaching the First Lady so that the three girls get support and are able to go to school.”


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