9 Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Jerusalem

Jerusalem, of course, is not only the capital of Israel, but also one of the world’s most famous cities. Its incredibly rich history means it’s a focal point for the three main faiths – Christians, Jews and Muslims, who ALL hold Jerusalem close to their hearts.

1. Yad Vashem



This official memorial site to the millions of Jews lost in the Holocaust is a must-add to your things to see in Jerusalem bucket list, simply because it provides an amazing glimpse into the soul of Israel.

below are the list of beautiful place to visit in Jerusalem:

2. Old City of Jerusalem



The Old City of Jerusalem has to be one of the greatest historical sites in the world. Intense, deeply religious, and with all that history to enjoy…this is a must-see in Israel if ever there was one!

3. Israel Museum



The Israel Museum is without question one of the very best in the world. With a huge range of exhibits, ranging from artifacts and ancient documents to Israeli art, this is a place that will over even the most jaded of tourists.

4. Machane Yehuda



This lively, bustling market is certainly the place to be if you’re after a slice of what the locals get up to. Check out the amazing fresh produce; we can highly recommend trying the amazing breads, cookies, halva, and health juice drinks from the entertaining Medicine Man, Uzi Eli. Bring your camera – and your taste-buds!

5. Mount of Olives



Located on the eastern side of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives is the place to come for spectacular views across Jerusalem and especially vistas of the old city of Jerusalem.

6. Western Wall



We mentioned it above in the Old City, but the Western Wall truly deserves its own allocated visiting time and a devoted slot on your things to do in Jerusalem bucket list. The raw, emotional power of this huge wall (the only remnants of the famed Second Temple), may just blow your socks off, regardless of your own religious persuasion. Be prepared to be moved, emotionally and spiritually

7. Tower of David & The Night Spectacular



The Tower of David Citadel is located right within the walls of the Old City, next to Jaffa Gate, but often gets overlooked. Don’t make that mistake!

8. The Biblical Zoo



The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo typically makes it to the top of the most-visited sites in Israel list every year, and it’s not hard to see why.

9. The Knesset



The Knesset (yep, you have to pronounce the K) is the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the only democracy in the Middle East.

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