4-year-old boy accidentally buys N1m worth of ice cream with his mother’s credit card

boy ice

A four-year-old boy from New York has landed his mother in serious debt after he purchased nearly $3,000 worth of non-refundable SpongeBob ice cream with his mother’s credit card from Amazon.

Noah, who is a big fan of SpongeBob SquarePants got carried away while shopping online when he recently managed to get onto Amazon unsupervised, he went a bit overboard and ordered 51 cases of Spongebob shaped Popsicles worth $2,618.85 (N1,062,802.00).


His mother lamented that the money was the student loan she got which she is still trying hard to pay back.

To make matters worse, the order is a non-refundable one so the company would not be taking back the merchandise, NY Post report.

But luck smiled on them after Katie Schloss, a friend of the family opened a GoFundMe account to help Noah’s mother, a social work student to pay for the 918 popsicles, which came with a bill of $2,618.85.

As of the time of filing this report over $4000 has been donated which is more than the $2,619 fundraising goal.


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