Socialite Efia Odo has vented her anger on Ghanaian politicians as she joins the FixTheCountry trend on Twitter saying they throw us the citizens away like used condoms after the election.

Efia Odo who is also tired like all Ghanaians over the dumsor and the bad state of roads and the inability to provide citizens with basic amenities vented her anger on the leaders as she joins the trend on Twitter calling out the president.

According to Efia Odo, our leaders see everything going on but they just don’t give a fvck to whatever happens to the citizens adding that they use us to get votes during the election and throw us away like a used condom.

Efia Odo also called on celebrities and bloggers to add their voice to the ongoing trend for the sake of their fans who are tired of all that is going on in the country asking why they have decided to remain quiet at this particular moment where their fans need them the most.

Reacting to school children learning under trees and on cement blocks, Efia Odo asked how the future of the country is going to be if the future leaders are learning on cement blocks and drinking dirty water that cows drink and wash themselves in.

Efia Odo then adding that this might be just a hashtag to the president and his people but then Ghanaians aren’t stopping until they see some sort of change that he promised them during the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Screenshot below;