Singer Dencia talks about her mother, calls her “useless”

Cameroonian-born singer, entrepreneur and fashion designer, Dencia has spoken about her mother in a recent social media post.

The 33-year-old took to Snapchat moments ago to describe the kind of person her mother is. According to the singer, her mum is childish, useless and never takes anything serious.

In her words,

“My mom is so childish & useless.. I see why I am how I am.. She doesn’t take nothing seriously, we are the same person and it’s fucked!! Two head strong, hard working useless Arians”.

See her post below,

Dencia talks

Although the singer is perceived to be complimenting her mum using sarcasm, the unflattering words the singer used to described her was not well received by netizens who took to social media to drag her to pieces.

An Instagram follower @kuntaakinte_ wrote, “May we never give birth to children that will publicly insult us all because of clout. AMEN”.

@amyubah6 wrote, “You r the one useless to say such about your own mom in public”.

@hubcityimages wrote, “If you all know her mum like I do personally, then you will put a purse on your comments. You can ask me if you want to know why said what she said. She’s being sarcastic”.

@happybowyh wrote, “Is this not an opportunity for others to call ur mom useless ??? Why not use polite words 😔 I’m trying to get the message but the words re not it”.

@6car__, “No matter the play I can never say my mom is useless oh”.

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