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I Told My Wife That Getting Married To Me Was Like Committing Suicide – Man Shares His Story (VIDEO)

The story of a diminutive African man and his family has touched hearts across the world as he shares how his wife married him despite his physique.

The man whose name we are yet to identify revealed in a video shared on Youtube that he was born a dwarf and while growing up, he was subjected to bully and ostracism in his community.

According to him, he found a woman who is not like him agreed to be his wife and God blessed them children who inherited his dwarfism.

He recalled how he told his wife about going on a suicidal mission if she marries him yet, his wife chose to spend the rest of her life with him and they live a happy family life together.

Watch the video below;

See how some social media users reacted to the video below;

Vio Vizengwa: Only God nos why He made them this way, hu am I to judge them, they r cute and well made, they ar our brothers n sisters… Let’s show them some love Plzz.

obaa lizzy original: May God Almighty lays His Glorious Hands on them in the Name of Jesus Amen 🙏! Thumps up if you’re joining me in prayers

susan warner: They maybe small in stature, but certainly big in heart.

Eureka Ndavani: They are so happy,happier than most rich families.happier than most average people.Big up to the parents

Andra Chin: When I look at these people I saw human being. Jesus loved them the same way He loved the tall person. They’re going to make it big in this world, by God grace and mercy. I wish them good health, love, prosperity and blessings.

terence barrett: Absolutely wonderful brilliant adorable beautiful ‘and this lady,”this mother and wife”she’s is an Angel “she’s a star” god bless them”


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