Mr. Spell abandoned on the streets after becoming a viral sensation, now begs for food (Video)

A Nigerian man who went viral few years ago over the hilarious way he spells people’s names has been spotted on the street begging for food.

The man popularly known as Mr. Spell rose to fame in 2018 after he was filmed trying to spell ‘Buhari’ in a viral video.

Following his rise fame at the time, some well-meaning Nigerians took him off the streets and gave him a makeover, including new hair cut and nice clothes.

We are not sure what happened after that but, sadly, in a recent video shared by Gossipmill on Instagram, Mr. Spells born Dede Nne, was looking unkempt and old.

Some Nigerians expressed worry over his present condition as it was revealed that he now begs for food

However, in the video, he entertained the people who were gathered around him with another misspelling of ‘Buhari’ after he was given food to eat.

Watch video below:

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