Nigerian Twitter influencer and life coach, Solomon Buchi has placed his two cents on the idea of people deliberating farting in the presence of their partners.

A school of thought has it farting in the presence of your partner proves how you love and trust your partner but Solomon Buchi has kicked against the rationale.

Taking to his Twitter page, Solomon Buchi admitted that farting can be unintentional so it is pardonable since it is nature, however, he is baffled by the fact that some people can intentionally fart in front of their partners to prove intimacy as he claims it is disrespectful.

He wondered how inhaling bad air all in the name of love is something that should be encouraged particularly when health concerns is considered.

In his words:

“The whole idea that farting in the presence of your partner is a show of love and intimacy is totally disturbing to me. I understand the point, but it is unnecessary. What does love has to do with me inhaling bad smelling air? I think it is disrespectful when done intentionally.

It’s disturbing to me. Yeah. It might happen mistakenly but purposefully farting in my presence just because we ought to do that to prove intimacy? Huh?”



Reacting to his tweet a follower identified as @berenicenaza wrote;

‘This has also be disturbing me too…. you only talking about partner, what of those older ones that fart beside their younger ones and react when they complain in the name of seniority. Alot of people don’t want to talk about this but truth be told this is purestupidity…..what alot of older people will say is in their own time ….their parents fart beside them and they don’t say a word. Farting beside someone when is not a mistake is pure foolishness. Why don’t you just excuse yourself and save others from your stupidity.