#BREAKING: Billions of dollars lost in Crypto market, as over 500,000 investors get wrecked

The crypto market suffered heavy losses in the early hours of Friday with many traders liquidated as the flagship crypto dipped below the $50,000 price levels.

In the cryptoverse hundreds of billions of dollars were virtually wiped off in value as the global crypto market lost about $300 billion, trading at $1.77 trillion, a 12.29% decrease over the last day.

As traders panicked, the world’s most popular crypto rout deepened, dropping below the $50,000 level to $48,400, its lowest levels in about seven weeks. Ethereum, the leading altcoin plunged as much as 10% before steadying at about 7% to trade at $2,240.65 on the FTX exchange.

For the day about 582,578 crypto investors were liquidated. The largest single liquidation order happened on Huobi-BTC valued at $11.28 million.

For Bitcoin, this is the biggest percentage loss since early January.

The spiral fall in play at the flagship crypto market pushed its market value below $1 trillion or 51.45% of the total cryptocurrency market value. At its highest, Bitcoin’s market cap was $1,184 trillion.

Amid the recent price correction, crypto pundits argue that the ever-changing crypto market was still in a long-term bull market, though in the near term, a market correction was long overdue since the market is over-heated among retail investors.

Other Crypto assets were also experiencing sharp sells with XRP, Polkadot, Cardano, BNB, EOS all suffering significant losses.

Tax concerns may be weighing hard on the crypto- verse with reports showing U.S. investors in the Crypto market already face a capital gains tax if they sell the Crypto after holding it for more than a year.

It’s fair to note that the crypto market is very volatile and some crypto experts are pointing out that it could be in a bubble considering that Bitcoin and Ethereum have recorded gains of over 700% respectively within a very short span.

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